Words from the scientific secretariy of the 13th Iranian international congress of immunology and allergy

We are so thankfull to god who made the humanbeing superior to the other creatures by granting him/her the excellence of learning and enunciation. We are delighted to host thirteenth Iranian congress of immunology and allergy in Tabriz, Iran, in cooperation with Iranian Society of Immunology and Allergy that is one of the most prospering Iranian scientific societies. Certainly, such a congress can provide some of the most experienced scientists and philosophers, from inside or outside of Iran, with the opportunity of meeting and discussion can motivate students and graduates of different scientific fields related to immunology, including prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, to enhance their knowledge and insight can guid them in the right direction in scientific career.

Some of the pivotal parts of the congress are; planed speechs on the key subjects by scientists from Iran and other countries, poster presentation breakes, workshops and advanced courses on immunology that all have been of the most intrest according to the opinion poll.

Another important goal of this congress is corporation between basic and clinical sciences in order to gather scientists in the field of  immunology and students with clinical specialists including Rheumatologists, circulatory? specialists, endocrinologists, nephrologists, etc. This can help both basic and clinical sciences to become up to date.

We are hopefull to present what is befitting the position of world immunology society. In this way we will take advantage of the helps from Iranian universities of medical sciences, companies that are active in production of immunologic products, City Council and other municipal bodies of Tabriz.

Finally, scientific planning committee and Iranian society of immunology and allergy would appreciate you're attendance and are looking forward to benefiting from your most precious experiences and oppinions in order to reach maximum out come of the  congress.  

Dr. Jafar Majidi, Scientific Secretary





Words from executive secretary of the 13th Iranian International congress of immunology and allergy

I would like to thank god who granted us an opportunity to hold thirteenth Iranian international congress of immunology and allergy in Tabriz, Iran. I hope this congress will be held with the most efficiency and the highest throughput and it will be a step, even humble, toward exaltation of immunology in Iran and the world.  

This is supposed to be an opportunity for researchers and students to present their scientific findings and news, and also benefit from others presentation, the presentations by researchers especially from abroad.

As the executive secretary, I am supposed to thank all the executive team who have dedicated themselves to this congress. We will do our best to make this event a nice experience for those who attend the congress.

Dr. Behzad Baradaran, Executive secretary



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